Game made for the 41th Ludum 

Theme: the more you have the worst it is 

Now that you are old you have to take medicines, and it's not as easy as it seems.
Your doctor is not really a good writer or a good doctor anyway so read the indications and News your grandson brang you and decode the prespriction everyday, after all it's your only way to possibly see your grandson...


Left click to pick up objects, aim with the tip of the finger.
Right click to open a box of pills, and interact with objects.
Esc to go back to the menu.
Please go for fullscreen.

Known bugs:

- if a pill gets stuck you can move it by pushing it with an other pill.
- When you come back on the Menu the cursor deasapear but you can still click on buttons. 

We are waiting for your feedbacks or any advices that come to your mind.
Have fun



-Level 1 
-Monday: Red + White + Green&White
-Tuesday: Yellow + Blue
-Wednesday: Red + White
-Thursday: Green&White + Blue
-Friday: Red + White
-Saturday: Yellow + Blue
-Sunday: Yellow + Blue

-Level 2
-Monday: Red + Green&White
-Tuesday: Green&White + Blue
-Wednesday: Red + Green&White
-Thursday: Red&White + Blue
-Friday: Red + Green&White
-Saturday: Yellow + Blue + White
-Sunday: Yellow + Blue + White

-Level 3 
-monday: Purple + White 
-Tuesday: Yellow + Blue + Blue + White + Red
-Wednesday: Red + White
-Thursday: Red + White
-Friday: Yellow + White
-Saturday: Red + White + Blue + Blue
-Sunday: Purple + White

-Bonus level 4
-Monday: White + Blue + Purple
-Tuesday: red&white + Yellow + Red + White
-Wednesday: Purple
-Thursday: Blue + Blue&White + Purple + White
-Friday: Yellow + White + Red
-Saturday: Red&White + Red
-Sunday: Blue + Red

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