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Jarred is a single player arcade game. You play as a man trapped in a giant aquarium by an alien scientist who wants to experiment things on you. This prison became your SMALL WORLD but you're disturbing the three giant pet crabs living in it, and they want you dead.


[GOAL : GET OUT OF THE JAR] - it's hard but doable!

[CONTROLS] arrows: swim | space bar: dash

WIN CONDITION | dash on the three buttons to unlock the jar


LOSE CONDITION | dodge the crabs' attacks

| avoid to drown

BLUE bubble | gives you oxygen.

GREEN bubble | makes you lose oxygen / weaken the crabs.

RED bubble | repulse you / kill the weaken crab.


Thanks for playing! We are waiting for your feedback :)

Credits :

Pierre Soriot (Game Design), Grégoire Marty (Programming), Julien Cabezas (Game Art) and Guilhem Dhumières (Sound Design)


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